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Are you looking for a one-night stand?

If so, don’t call us.

UP is looking for a long term, intimate relationship. We admit it, we like long walks in the rain, moon light picnics… oh, wait — I thought you meant…

Ok, so we’re looking for long term, intimate relationships with our customers, but not the type that will get us divorced from our better halves. We know that we can help your company, but the only way to do it is to get inside your company. We need to learn all about your business, why things work, why other things don’t work. We need to understand your long-term goals AND your short-term needs.

Have you ever gone to the doctor with a symptom – and he treated it? But then you were left wondering… “what caused the symptom”? I don’t know about you, but I want a doctor that looks at everything about me, not just the symptom I’m presenting.

If you come to us needing a brochure, we are going to ask “why”? Over the years we have found that many customers request things that might not really solve their problem. Many times the brochure is just a short-term cure for one symptom of a larger business health issue. UP will look deeper, if you let us, and we’ll help you pinpoint issues that need to be addressed. We’ll identify areas where your spending isn’t effective and suggest moving those funds to solutions where you’ll get more bang for your buck. If you’re spending too much, we’ll tell you. If it isn’t broke, we won’t suggest fixing it. We’ll look at your long-term health goals and suggest the best regimen to get you there.

Many people don’t go to the doctor until they have no choice because “doctors are too expensive”.

Many companies act the same.

In the end, the longer you wait, the more expensive the fix will be – especially in terms of lost sales, lowered market share, weak market penetration, lower customer satisfaction and brand confusion. A regimen of preventive medicine can avoid and even reverse these outcomes.

Call UP before the pain starts.

And what, exactly, is it that you do?

OK, we admit it – UP is an unusual company. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what we do.

The simplest answer? Ideas.

At UP we develop powerful ideas that solve your problems. These solutions tend to be in the arena of visual graphics (identity, branding, print, digital, packaging, POP, information graphics). But, we also solve problems that are more physical than visual (packaging, manufacturing, assembly). And then there’s the purely cerebral solutions (company names, product names).

How do you start?

Your business is more than a pretty picture. It has a heart, a soul — a concept. On top of that, you need a strategy to reach your target market. Concepts and Strategies are the foundation of all our work. We’ll barely go to the bathroom with out a concept and a strategy – so we certainly won’t do your project without one.

UP will ask questions, and then we’ll ask some more. This is your business, your product and your market. We aren’t so cocky as to think that we already know your business. We’ll learn from you so that we can solve your problems with smart ideas. Our questions may even make you rethink some of your positions.

Many times you can’t see the forest for the trees. UP will look at your business from the outside, but examine it with your inside knowledge.

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