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UP completes cover design for Celiac Resource Guide
March 23, 2009

Celiac Disease is an auto-immune disorder that causes the body to damage the small intestine in reaction to the consumption of gluten (wheat, rye, barley). Even a small crumb can damage one's small intestine for up to 6 months. Those with the disease have a very difficult time adjusting their diets as it is extremely difficult to identify all the items that have gluten in them.

Julianne Karow's husband, Roy, was diagnosed a year ago – and they have been on a journey ever since to make their life normal under these new conditions. Julianne had to stop using her favorite lipstick, because it contained gluten. Kissing her husband literally became dangerous to his health. Julianne tried to find guidance and advice, but little was to be found. Living in a small Wisconsin community made it even more difficult - so she turned to the internet.

Six months ago, Roy challenged her to take all the information she had amassed and turn it into a book. The Celiac Resource Guide is that book. This book is a personal resource guide for those with celiac disease who struggle to solve everyday challenges. In addition to information that will help those newly diagnosed, it will provide references to many websites where they can further educate themselves on this new journey. The Celiac Resource Guide includes suggestions for a gluten-free pantry, where to find gluten-free food products, gluten-free medications, how to travel on a gluten-free diet, and much more.

UnParalleled, LLC is proud to have had the opportunity to partner with Julianne on this worthy and important project. If you would like to purchase a copy of the book, please go to Julianne's website at celiacresourceguide.webs.com. Julianne donates $1 of every purchase to Celiac research.

UP completes design of Logo, Website and Maps for South Pole Station ASMA5
March 03, 2009

UnParalleled, LLC is excited to announce its part in a project with global partners and global implications.

Environmental Research and Assessment (ERA) (Cambridge, England) commissioned UP to design the identity, website and operational maps of the Antarctic Specially Managed Area #5 (ASMA5) located at, and around, the Amundsen-Scott Station at the South Pole. The project consisted of creating a unique identity for this international treaty entity that represented its scientific impact on climate research. The ASMA5 website (to be launched in a few months), will be a central location for different groups, including scientists planning on working at the pole, to find information regarding the mission of ASMA5 and what life is like at the South Pole.

The 4 maps generated by GIS experts at ERA (to be released when the website launches), were designed to be quickly and easily read by all those needing to undestand not only the overview of operations at the pole, but to specifically inform those that work at the pole about various details including potentially hazardous zones.

This project was created under the specific direction of the U.S. National Science Foundation in conjunction with Raytheon Polar Services Company.

Habitat for Humanity "Home Is Where The Heart Is" Art Auction
Fri, Feb 20th 2009 (6-8pm)

Hosted by the Athens Area Habitat for Humanity (Athens, GA), this art auction is the first fundraising event for the new Women Build campaign. Local artists were invited to design and build a "bird house" for auction. UnParalleled's Mark Braught was one of thos einvited. Mark's bird house was picked to be one of the six showcased on the auction's promotional poster. Click here to check out the Athens Area Habitat's Website about the auction. We hope you will take a look and support this great cause.

The Coffee Cone™
December 20, 2008

UnParalleled, LLC |UP| has just finished design work for The Coffee Cone. The Coffee Cone is a gift item that comes complete with ground gourmet coffee, raw sugar, non-dairy creamer and candy coated espresso beans. It's tasty java injection that will leave any coffee lover smiling. J&D Designs of Glenelg, MD commissioned UnParalleled to not only design the display and product tags, but they also had UP come up with the most efficient, cost effective and aesthetic way to house the different components within the packaging. UP went so far as having a custom part made for a small packaging machine to fit the required needs of this project.

UP Wins The British Cartographic Society Award

UnParalleled, LLC |UP| is proud to announce that it has won two awards from the British Cartographic Society for its design of 8 maps. The maps recieved the 2006 Electronic Mapping Award for best in category and the coveted 2006 British Cartographic Society Award for best of show.

The maps were commisioned by the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise – Næringslivets Hovedorganisasjon (NHO). These maps were produced so NHO’s members could get the big picture of the relationship between natural resources, infrastructure, shipping lanes, international boundaries and treaty areas in the European Arctic region. These maps have brought together this diverse information into a single format never before available.

The project was produced under the direction of Jan Magne Markussen of Ocean Futures (Oslo, Norway) and in partnership with Dr. Colin Harris of Environmental Research & Assessment (Cambridge, England). Egil Tvilde of NHO produced a Flash version of the maps which you can view by clicking here.

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